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san diego, CA, us
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hey the name's allissa and well im a huge Josh Groban fan!!! im only 14 and i have loved his music since he sang YRMU on idol gives back a few years ago and since then i have just been in love!!! im basically your average 14 year old i just have a different taste in music and i am a bit more mature than a normal 14 year old.I write tons of poetry and i have a thread :) you dont wanna mess with me cuz all hell will break loose and it WILL BE ON!!! lol=D but seriously... i am not the one to mess with... love ya just a little something to keep me smiling :) ~Grobie sis to Cat, Lindsay, Yadi, Liz, Toni, Rhea, KJ, Anette, Amelia, Siena, Nessy, Laura, Elena, Amanda, Lexxa, Corinna and Janie; Grobie niece to Gaby; Grobie daughter to Reneta and Grobie secretive adoptive daughter to JG Grobie granddaughter to everyone at the granny thread~ ~Protector of Josh's littlest angel Shantelle~ ~Josh's angel of hidden secrets~ ~Princess of Josh's Piano,The Rebel Curl, and 400 official grobie giggles~
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Josh Groban=D Katy Perry Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood Paramore Celine Dion Michael Buble Andrea Bocelli 3OH!3 Grizzly Bear Chris Botti Martina Mcbride Coldplay 3 Doors Down
Favorite Quotes:
Him Your lips stir quietly Silently rubbing together As that velvet voice erupts from the soul within Your chest moves in and out In and out Keeping the song alive With every breath Every heartbeat Your eyes. The deep brown eyes glisten As they look through the crowd Looking at every face Every heart And into every soul Your fingers grace the piano As if it too were a part of you They dance up and down the keys Careful not the miss a single note Your face. Your angelic face brings life to the melody Raising your eyebrows with the high notes And dropping them at the lows Your voice does it all. The heart of the world skips a beat just to hear it through It stops a woman in her tracks and takes her breath away That beautiful baritone voice of yours echoes throughout the world Keeping the people alive Ready to live another day Just to hear you sing Confessions of a Grobanite I sit here typing Click click click Tension rises Laughter follows Then cultures collide The Europeans, the Americans The Canadians, the Australians Only then can i fully comprehend it Who we are What we are Tearing my eyes away from the screen I see Surrounding me is this other world A deep dark abyss A melody reaches out from the speakers Dancing through the room Until it touches my ears Then i know Here we are Thousands of people United In one place For one reason One love The Voice. The C-Word From a distance you watch her sleep So peaceful So innocent Taking in every breath As if it were a treasure As if it were her last The face of an angel This child, so young Could do no wrong The silhouette of her golden locks Trick your eyes into believing they are there Still warming that tender head of hers. A single tear rolls down your face Dropped to your knees you pray Violently raising your fists to the heavens Why? What could she have done to deserve this? This pain This misery She opens her eyes and cries "Mommy it hurts. Make the pain go away." You look at her and do all that you can Love her Tightly in your arms you squeeze Letting your hearts touch And beat in unison A lullaby plays in the distance You sit there rocking Tenderly lulling her to sleep To the melody of the music The music of two hearts beating United as one Tears flood down your face Dropping to the floor with intensity Drip drip drip A new sound arises The quiet murmur of a heart-rate monitor Turns into a continual, everlasting tone Rushing in, the doctors know Time of death: 2:24 AM You hold her tightly The faint thud thud is no more You heard her first heartbeat And you felt her last Alone Lying in bed Tears streaming down my face A song plays To the beat of my tears Hitting the ground "You are loved" it cries out I lie there trying to believe it's true A screaming parent A hating family A broken friendship Alone That's all i am Alone No shoulder to cry on No family to rely on Worthless And alone Tears burn my face like acid Memories of a not so distant past Alone Now i lay here in a puddle of memories and pain Not even the voice of a baritone angel Can mend the shredded heart i now possess I am nothing Only alone and forgotten Invisible The black sheep of my flock Different and unloved I am alone With no one to love Alone Through the darkness I see you smile Your eyes glistening Like stars in the midnight sky Watching me Try to love you once more Turning away Your smile fades A droplet of sorrow Touches your cheek Slowly dripping down As memories fill your Heart once again Suddenly I feel it The pain i left you to endure Keeping a small dark hole Forever occupied in your heart Running toward you Tears blur my vision I cannot hide it anymore This love I feel for you Will always keep my heart beating I try to hold you tight But you avoid it and Leave me there In the shadows Embracing the ghost Of a love unforgotten

Awesome quotes

"No matter who we are, no matter what our circumstances, our feelings and emotions are universal. And music has always been a great way to make people aware of that connection. It can help you open up a part of yourself and express feelings you didn't know you were feeling. It's risky to let that happen. But it's a risk you have to take- because only then will you find you are not alone"
-Josh Groban

"Because I know that life is a journey I must accept and that pain and confusion are temporary. I know that if I follow my heart
it will lead me to where i belong"
-Josh Groban

(btw i have no idea what song this is.... i know the first part is from another song... but the rest is... i have no idea.... and im pretty sure i didnt write it... at least that i can remember..... maybe its a translation.... or something i stumbled upon.... i guess i will never know.... cuz when i look it up it comes up with nothing and i honestly dont remember where i got it from... but either way its beautiful and i love it!)
I've opened up my eyes
Seen the world for what it's worth
Tears rain down from the sky
They'll blow it all to bits
To prove whose god wields all the power
Fire rains down from the sky

I was electrified by your eyes as they froze
Inviting me inside of your life to grow

Everlasting setting sun
You're my angel, you're the only one
No one close and nothing compares in the end
We will be together again

I'm so mesmerized by the light you expose
Igniting a fire deep inside of my soul

Everlasting setting sun
You're my angel, you're the only one
No one close and nothing compares in the end
We will be together again

Darkness shall fall with the strength of us all
Darkness shall fall
Darkness shall fall with the strength of us all
It shall fall

I raise my white flag
It's the last flag I'll ever raise
Don't stay away
Staring at you and all you are
I believe
Yeah I believe
Yeah I believe

(So much sadness, what happened to happiness...)
Everlasting setting sun
You're my angel, you're the only one
No one close and nothing compares in the end
You're my angel, you're the only one

We will be together again
We will be together again

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